Download Best Cleaning Master App 2018 – (Updated)

This app is roaring high on the Play store with 4.5 rating making it the best Android cleaning master app.
Best master app makes sure that it does everything correct to enhance and reach the optimum for your smartphone performance.

Features Of Best Cleaning Master – Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster

Junk Cleaner

It smartly scan all the redundant files and delete them which includes empty folder. It cleans up junk data and file which helps to boost speed with just a single tap.Falcon Super cleaner is proved as the best junk cleaner app for year 2018.

The in build Antivirus- Booster helps to accelerate your android phone performance by deleting junk. This deletion process helps to free up RAM storage on phone and boost Android performance.

 Speed Boost

As a user one looks for speed to browse through the query, this feature is very fast and effective. It makes up more room to increase the RAM, helps with free storage and extend battery life with Android speed booster. As a robust speed booster for android phone, 1-tap boost can accelerate your device all the more productively.

Photo Cleaner

 As a bonus, it also comes with a built-in antivirus feature and a private photos feature, allowing you to hide and encrypt your pictures from prying eyes. There is a duplicate photo cleaner which will help you remove duplicate photos with super-fast speed and give you more free space. This is a useful addition on the app given that phones are often shared around with friends or family. The app also offers Wi-Fi security by default, alerting you if a network you’re about to join is not secure or has a fake SSID.

Bonus Features Of Cleaning Master App – Cache Cleaner & Phone Cleaner

Cache Cleaner

One of the reason this happens is that the applications you use as your Android device, builds temporary files known as cache files. These files stop the applications to start up faster and slows down for the next launch. Also, outstanding files from ads and thumbnails image consume a lot of space. Due to this add-on usage, the phone gets heavily accumulated, the entire phone slows down.

 Free Antivirus Master

Proficient infection cleaner controlled by top antivirus scanner, gives threat free assurance and free antivirus download. The Virus Cleaner – Antivirus Booster is a capable antivirus with virus remover and protection that offers you the best antivirus for android to guarantee your device security.

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 CPU cooler – Lower the phone temperature quickly-Overheating can be a grave issue and damage the battery, this feature helps with the CPU temperature cooler with Android overheating security. It powerfully investigates CPU utilization, discovers overheating applications, and close them promptly to cool down phone temperature.

To sum up the benefits of this app and the reason you should have on your phone it that-Cleaning master app is your best buy which will help you to clean your phone to give it more speed and space. This is a super-fast cleaning master app which also help you with your android device with storage and detects all the residual and unnecessary files, and post that sort them as per the category, so you have the option to remove the ones not in use.

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Master cleaner app has the ability to make some free space, help to sweep and clean the junk and cache, post which it improves the overall speed and performance, as well as saves and help in a good battery backup. Clean master app as the name suggest is the best option for to clean up any digital device you are using It is another professional Android Cleaner app that has amazing features when it comes to optimizing the device files and the proper device functioning The space cleaner and antivirus tool keep your phone clean and safe from antivirus attack.

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